Monogamous Relationships and STDs

One of the benefits to being in a monogamous relationship is being able to forego the condom. Sex with one partner whether through marriage or mutual commitment is based on trust. If you can’t put your faith in the person you share a bed with then who can you believe in?

A recent study that appeared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that monogamous couples may not be as immune to STDs as they thought. According to the study, one in four partners in an “exclusive” relationship admitted to cheating. Even worse is that some admitted to engaging in unprotected sex while being unfaithful to their significant other.

When unprotected sex comes into the bedroom thanks to philandering, STDs come into the mix. You may think because you are in a committed relationship that condoms and STD testing is a thing of the past. Maybe not.

If you suspect your partner may be stepping out on you and you’re concerned about your sexual health, getting tested may ease bring you some peace of mind. Confilabs offers confidential testing for STDs. Trained counselors can guide you through the scary and overwhelming process.

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