Older Women Dating Younger Men

Hollywood and television have influenced the dating community.  With the term “cougar” used to describe older women dating younger men and the younger men that are attracted to the older female sex.  With the comfort zone of society with the reverse situation of the older male and younger female or as some call having a “trophy wife”, the dating scene has a renewed interest for many newly divorced or waiting later to marry.  As women become more powerful in the business arena and the community, these women are changing the rules of dating and for some younger men; they are enjoying the rewards of an older partner.  These dating groups, although accepted, have not changed the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among the older and those that have re-entered the dating world after years of being married to someone else.

Changes in the Dating Scene

With the trend being accepted more of an older woman and younger man dating and even marrying, there is a different view of the dating scene.  Men have been interviewed for studies and are asked; what is the attraction of dating an older woman or seeking out a woman that is ten plus years their senior.  Men interviewed discuss the openness and passion the older women express.  These younger men are looking for intelligent and interesting conversationsCougar on the Prowl that they are not having with women their own age.  Older women don’t go out to party and get drunk and for younger men there is the sex.  When asked the question about older women and sex, these younger men express that the confidence of older women in and out of the bedroom is a real attraction for them.

No Risk of Pregnancy, but…

Although, the sex may be great, unprotected sex can still offer the opportunity to acquire a sexually transmitted disease.  Many older women do not have the risk of pregnancy to worry about, so sex is more uninhibited.  Many risk having unprotected sex for this reason and were not thinking of the sexually transmitted diseases that are part of the dating scene now.  The older dating group over 40 years old has the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases with new cases documented than those between the ages of 24-35 years.  As women age, many neglect to schedule their annual women’s exam and get tested for infections.  The youth with an age range of 14-24 years still rank higher with new cases.  The youth feel invincible and the older daters see themselves past the unwanted pregnancies and do not consider the rest of what is part of dating now.

No matter the age of those having sexual relations and regardless of the age of older women dating younger men, a condom is the barrier most effective to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases unless abstinence is practiced.  Whether a cougar or just another female back on the dating scene, the importance of STD testing should be discussed before sexual relations begin.  Testing and the use of condoms make dating safer for any age involved in sexual explorations.

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