Abstinence is the only certain way not to acquire a sexually transmitted disease.  A young woman can never be too careful when it comes to their health, especially their sexual health.  Many believe that one time will not do any harm, or it never happens the first time that sex is explored.  This myth has been the result of many unwanted pregnancies or a sexually transmitted disease.  One sexual encounter can open both partners to sexually transmitted diseases.  With so many myths about STDs, knowledge is power not only for prevention, but seeking cures when a sexual encounter occurs and questions arise.

Debunking Sex

Ways to debunk myths about sex is to ask questions, talk to a physician or visit a testing center.  Many STD testing Myths - Wrong or Rightcenters have online chat rooms with counselors that are available to answer questions.  Information is shared about the facts of oral, vaginal and anal sex.  Young women before sexual encounters should understand how sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through the sharing of bodily fluids.  Any one is susceptible to STDs when a condom is not worn to protect the sexual partners.  To truly protect one, carry a condom with you for any unplanned sexual encounter and take charge of one’s protection.

Sex is Sex

A myth that continues to come up in conversation is that vaginal intercourse is the only true sexual encounter.  So, if vaginal sex is not occurring then there is not a need to worry about STDs.  This is far from the truth.  Sex is any contact that is vaginal, anal or oral in nature where bodily fluids and skin to skin contact has happened. Sexually transmitted diseases can occur with oral sex when a condom or oral dam has not been used.  A condom should be worn during anal sex as the lining of the anus is easily torn and opens the body up to infections and STDs.  Whenever a sexual encounter that is unprotected happens, it is best to seek STD testing to be certain one remains infection and disease free.  A STD can be active when symptoms have not become apparent.

STD Myth

Another myth about STDs that women have is that they would know if a sex partner had an STD.  Many partners believe that when one partner has tested negative in the past, one is still free of sexually transmitted diseases and can have unprotected sex.  Both are false.  Many sexually transmitted diseases can go for long periods before signs and symptoms are noticed.  When one has been sexually active and had multiple partners, even when STD testing has been negative in the past, testing is needed.  Before beginning a new sexual encounter it is recommended that both be tested to be certain of remaining STD free.

Get the Facts about Sex and STDs

HIV, Chlamydia, herpes and many other STDs and infections are spread orally, vaginally and anally when unprotected sex is performed.  Skin to skin contact between partners can spread sexually transmitted diseases is lowered with the use of barriers such as condoms and oral dams.  Condoms can fail, but this does not give a reason to not wear one.  While nothing is 100 percent effective to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Outside of abstinence, wearing a condom during every sexual act is the best way to stop the spread of STDs.  Women need to debunk the myths and seek testing when questions of possible STDs might have occurred.  Know the truth about sex and sexually transmitted diseases before having sexual relations.

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