Female Condoms and Jacksonville Health Services

The female condom is used as a birth control method just as the male condom has been used for decades.  As with the male condom, female condoms can be used to protect the female user from sexually transmitted diseases.  Jacksonville, Florida and the Health Services Center, that is a part of the University of Florida, would like to see more female condoms used to empower women to protect their sexual health.  While some see the female condom as less effective than the male condom; when the female condom is worn properly the condom is offering the user options for protection during sexual exploration activities.

Reasons for Failure

The female condom failures are the same as the male condoms.  Just as with a male condom, the female condom can rip or tear during sexual intercourse or during insertion before sex.  A new condom must be inserted for each sex act, just as Male and Female Gender Symbolsa male must use a new condom for each sex act.  Removal of the condom spills semen in the vaginal area while removing the inserted condom, leaving the chance of an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease to be acquired.

Pros and Cons

The female condom can be purchased without a prescription.  Although slightly more expensive than male condoms, the female condom is available for purchase in most drugstores, clinics and other healthcare centers.  The female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before sexual exploration begins or can be inserted as part of sexual foreplay.  Other, pros for the female condom is the condom can be used during the menstrual cycle or after delivery of a baby.  By using the female condom there is not the concern of the male sex partner not using a condom or having one available to use.  The woman of the sexual partnership is more in control of her sexual health.

Allergic Reaction

One con of using the female condom is some women may have an allergic reaction to the material used to make the condom.  The direct contact of the penis and the vagina is inhibited and some sensitivity is loss.  Some lubricants that are water based, not oil based, can assist with the pleasure and sensitivity issues.  When using the female condom, a male condom should not be used at the same time.  Using both types of condoms together can cause friction and tearing defeating the purpose of wearing the condom.

Women continue to look for options to protect their sexual health from sexually transmitted diseases.  Jacksonville and the health agencies are increasing the promotion and education to women about female condoms and the options they offer.  Neither, the male condom, or female condom offer 100 percent protection.  In order to be secure that one is remaining STD free, there continues a need for STD testing at a local Jacksonville testing center.  Women now have more options to protect themselves and remain in charge of their bodies.


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