Sex on the Beach

Movies have romanticized the idea of having sex on a sandy beach. Sex is used to market our beaches with beautiful people in scant swimsuits suggesting more to come. Sex on the beach is even the name of a cocktail that envelopes the idea of warm summer nights with romantic walks along the beach and other events.

Miami Sex on the Beach

In Miami, “Sex on the Beach” is a big party and expo for those involved in the adult entertainment industry. This event celebrates “sex” and all that is part of the sex industry. Add the beach and this event in September and Miami with the waves of the ocean and the party atmosphere sex is heightened and the desire to get close while enjoying the picturesque beaches of Miami is everywhere.  Watching the moon come up over the ocean along with the sky full of stars can get any couple in the romantic mood for adult entertainment.  Sex on the Beach

Sand, Scrapes and Scratches

Sand is not soft and when body parts come in contact with the sand there is exfoliation of the skin and abrasions comparable to a rug burn. Sand is used in the process of making glass, so it is able to make small cuts. When sex is part of the beach experience, the body is receiving small abrasions that allow particles to connect with the tissue. Even protected sex is at a disadvantage as sand has been shown to rip condoms and not be useful in protecting the sexual partners.

Don’t bring home any unwanted guests

The tide that washes in and out across the beach brings in bacteria and fecal matter along with other items that have been in the ocean. The ocean has brought many tainted items ashore along with the bacterial diseases contained on them. These bacteria and other materials can go in areas of the body with the sand causing infections and other illnesses. There is a risk with exposure to bacteria and other illnesses spread between humans or animals. These illnesses can weaken the immune system and makes the body more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases during sexual contact with those that are infected.

Preparing for your Night

When heading to the beach for a moonlight stroll, carry a beach towel or blanket along with condoms for the “just in case” precaution. The blanket or beach towel along with the condom use adds a large layer of protection between the body and what is in the sand.

Regular testing for STDs is one way to make certain that sex was the only thing that happened on the beach. STD testing centers are available to assist with steps taken during the actual STD tests and the forthcoming results. STD counselors can provide testing guidelines and timelines to remain healthy and STD free. Having sex on the beach looks exciting and erotic in the movies, but can result in many health consequences. Take precautions and enjoy your time on the beach.


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